Dress Barn Recap

Saturday was an awesome day!  Sandy and I met for breakfast at 9:30, asked God to bless our day, and at 10:00 we were setting up our table at the front of the Dress Barn Store in Castleton.

The main table with socks, onesies, scrunchies, text book covers, shoe laces, hats and head bands.

Rack with shirts, tank tops, aprons and skirts that we were selling on a consignment basis.  Several of the skirts include panels made with the tie-dye fabric we made for the maker of the skirts, and they turned out so cute!

Stand with hats, bags and more shoe laces.

And Sandy and I want to introduce you our third and newest partner.  Please meet Lucy!

She’s a Model 1939, Size 8 dress form and she was given to us for free!  Sandy named her Lucy for the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (fitting for those selling tie-dye, don’t you think?) and we had lots of fun dressing her up with merchandise.

Of course, Sandy and I had to pose with our new partner.

And I’m just tickled that I’m no longer the shortest member of the team.

Dress Barn bent over backwards helping us get set up for the day.  They talked to customers about what we were doing, helped us with ideas of business and charities to contact who might be interested in custom tie-dyed items, and Sandy and I passed out I don’t know how many business cards.  We are really hoping that we will receive requests for custom tie-dyed items.  We did sell a few things, but we were there primarily to promote what we do.

Thank you Dress Barn for hosting us.  And thank you for the discount we had that day.  Both Sandy and I went home with some new clothes for the fall.  And get this!  The pants and skirt I bought are all size 10’s!!!  Woohoo!!!!  I am so excited!