Closing Date is Set

Just to update you on the closing of Dyed in the Wool, the on-line shop will close on Monday, December 16th. We are doing this so that anything ordered by that date can get out into the mail for delivery before Christmas. With this in mind, please place your order prior to December 16th. There are still a few items left in the shop, and all of them would make lovely gifts for yourself or for that fiber person on your list.

Also, as a reminder, everything is marked at 50% off the retail price, and once that item has sold out, there will be no more.

Thank you, everyone, for helping us support our local and regional shepherds over the years. Between us, we have made their lives easier and the lives of their sheep better. It has been an honor to do this. Just because we are no longer going to be buying fleeces from shepherds (except for our personal use, of course), doesn’t mean you can’t. Please search out shepherds in your area and give them your business rather than purchasing from large commercial companies who won’t miss your business if it goes elsewhere. You will make some hard-working people and their sheep very happy.

Sandy and Benita