Due to time constraints, I am going to have to end YARNO.  It’s been fun and I thank everyone for playing the game.


Give-A-Way on Knitting in Circles (And a Discount Code, too!)

Sandy and I are giving away 4 ounces of our Cormo with the product code of D-RV-14-0001 (Katie, Jacob & Rufus) at Knitting in Circles.  Also, there is a 15% off coupon code (KIC015) for everything in Dyed in the Wool through October 23rd, so watch the podcast to find out what is going on with Darren and Aimee and the give-a-way from us!

YARNO Number for 12PM 9/15/14

YARNO Number: N50

YARNO Number for 12AM 9/15/14

YARNO Number: O63

YARNO Number for 12PM 9/14/14

YARNO Number: R43

YARNO Number for 12AM 9/14/14

YARNO Number: A20

YARNO Number for 12PM 9/13/14

YARNO Number: O75

YARNO Number for 12AM 9/13/14

YARNO Number: N55

YARNO Number for 12PM 9/12/14

YARNO Number: O67

YARNO Number for 12AM 9/12/14

YARNO Number: A27